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It has been some time since our last blog post – because we have been quietly baking new designs! Throughout history, the look of opulence was set in loudness. At first, it was about the jewels you had around your neck or the furs in your wardrobe. Later on, luxury was labelled by the logos on your handbags. Now? There might still be a market for logomania and maximalism, but it seems that wealth has decided to lower itself into q whisper. Only those with a trained eye for understated taste can recognise such an item. 


As a new class of designer label at the top of everyone's wish lists, we pride ourselves as luxury leather maker but what does “luxury” actually mean? It is a term that has become thoroughly overused in modern society, used to describe everything from sports cars and holidays to mattresses and make-up—its ubiquity is at odds with the exclusivity it’s supposed to denote. In the fashion industry, a world ruled by brand hierarchy, the categorization of luxury has remained relatively consistent, however, the aesthetics have shifted with the decades: from the full-skirted femininity of Dior’s New Look to the logo-clad mania of the noughties. So, what does luxury look like at X NIHILO? 

We’ve taken our own approach to minimalistic and modern design and highlighted few X NIHILO designes that are simple but never boring and are all set on the goal of creating pieces meant to be worn season after season. We do rely on the "less is more" concept, but none of it takes away from appealing design details such as unique silhouettes and signature constructions. Opulence officially has a new meaning.

Thanks to the pared-back stylings of brands around the world, we have seen a return to a more low-key approach to luxury—“quiet luxury” as some people are calling it, or non-trend trends. It’s less austere than minimalism but more polished than “normcore.” It’s Sienna Miller meets off-duty Olsen twins; it’s a battered bag or an investment coat thrown over an ancient pair of vintage jeans. 

Confused? We admit that it’s not an easy aesthetic to pin down, and it’s more of a mood than anything else, but if we know one thing, it’s that “quiet luxury” is a look that will stand the test of time – including your accessories that is worth the investment.

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