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One of the best thing from working at X NIHILO is to be able to engage with women from all walk of life, background and all over the world.

Throughout the journey of our personalisation service, we knew we wanted to do more for our customers than just simply putting your name on our products. We wanted to be able to offer something special and most importantly with meaning or something that you can resonate and empowers you on a daily basis as you wear.

At X NIHILO, we value our customers' stories when personalising their bags and these stories always makes our day. We are inspired by the sentimental value and messages we receive from our loyal customers and would like to share some of the touching stories behind the inspiration for these personalised X NIHILO products. Here are some of our favourite quotes and stories from our loyal customers - enjoy!

@lisastarchak | Lisa Starchak 

Lisa moved to Moscow alone as a teen, didn’t have the money to live the life she wanted, lived in shared apartments and moved to cities with no friend or family. However, she turned her life around and achieved a lot in a short amount of time:

Owning her own jewellery brand - Completing a fashion degree & Becoming Top 50 Miss Russia

All whilst keeping all of her 100K followers up to date on her busy life.
Despite all her difficulties and achievements, Lisa had her X NIHILO bags as a reminder that “Everything begins with a dream”, which is quoted on her Hunter Bag. She is able to live her best life, reaching further than ever and becoming such a huge inspiration to us all.

Miss C, our beloved VIP client works as a psychiatrist as well as managing a family business empire has purchased a personalised Strap in black and white with the quote:
"Keep me in your heart and I'll stay there forever".
The quote pays homage to her father who passed away a few years ago and having the strap with her to wear on her way to work reminds her of the love and memory she cherished with her father.


@bespokerachel_ | Rachel GOH 

Rachel is a registered psychologist based in Melbourne. She is the founding director of both Ethos Psychology and The Ethos Centre. Specialising in family violence issues, sexual abuse, complex trauma, Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder.

Before this, she was also a professional swimmer, competing internationally for the Australian Swimming team from 2002 – 2013. This also led to her being a recipient of full academic athletic scholarship to Auburn University AL, USA.

Rachel purchased and personalised the Eight Mini Black bag and strap in two quotes. The first being “Boss Queen” which is self explanatory given her many achievements.

The second is "Stand in your power" on her Strap in black and white, which serves as a reminder of the accomplishments she’s achieved and the dedication to her work and clients she’s invested in.

@theverserstyle | Annette  

Annette has always been interested in fashion since kindergarten (maybe even younger!) where she loves to play dressup and wear new clothes. Since her mum and aunt were designers, she watched fashion shows well before watching cartoons!

As she grew, she started blogging about fashion, which evolved into becoming an influencer. As her work continues, her style has evolved from going with popular trends to focusing on a signature look; something that she’ll wear a lot, is really versatile and won’t get bored of quickly. 

On top of that, she is still running a full time job and does freelancing, which has proven to be quite a struggle to balance out. However, she loves connecting with people as it leads to new friendship, lots of opportunities and she gets to be herself. The quote she has on her Hunter bag is “Don’t quit your daydream” which perfectly summarised her outlook in life and all that she does so amazingly!

Our Singapore client was a stay-at-home mum who initially was just preparing baby hampers for her friends. These include kids birthday gift, baby shower gifts, wedding gifts etc... of which she found out she was quite gifted in and enjoyed a lot.

When she discovered X NIHILO, she fell in love with the brand and purchased a X NIHILO bag. Eventually leading her to become associated with the founder of X NIHILO at our Singapore popup, there she saw that she wasn’t just purchasing a pretty bag, she was buying into the passion of the brand, thus has personalised her Eight Silver Bag (sold out) with the quote “Buy a Passion That’s Art”.

 @mollysmyth | Molly Smyth 
Molly is a Melbourne based content creator who inspires women with her unique style and perspective in looking and feeling confident! Using pops of colour and neutral tones, she styles different types of outfits together with their appropriate accessories to show women what wardrobe essentials they need.
Molly decided to personalise her Bank mini Black & White with the quote "You are magic". This acts as a reminder to herself and her followers that 

she can invent new ways to communicate to her viewers and staying true to herself and her unique look and style.  

 @cocolouise_official | Coco Louise 

Coco Louise is an international stylist and bespoke shopper! She picks out a seasonal wardrobe for her clients and viewers, keeping them motivated and constantly looking for inspiration. She has personalised her Eight Black Bag with the quote “Ain’t nobody got time for that” represents her as an independent working woman who is always on the ball and always moving forward!

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