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Bank Series

Mood: Smart businesswomen. Classy and structured without being too serious. After work drinks one day this week perhaps? 
X NIHILO’s Bank means business.

Eight Series

Mood: Everyday life, everyday woman, living every situation and nailing every scenario. Put on a mask with a glass of wine in hand. Walking down the streets feeling fresh or even bar hopping on a Friday night feeling fly.

Bank mini Series

Mood: Exploring the world. Foreign countries, languages, exotic food, and scenery. Chilling on holidays but also ready for new experiences, new friends with the Bank mini by your side.

Carla Series

Mood: All I need is my credit card and ID. Ready to go anytime and always keen. I don’t show up, I arrive. Carla plays no games, designed to hold up to 8 standard credit cards on each side.


Debby Series

Mood: Girl next door that wants to have fun. Listen when you are on your way to meet up with your friends. Bright, young and chill. Geometric yet wearable, the crescent shape will have you looking fresh and classically refined.


Hardy Black

Mood: Strong attitude and looking sharp. Black outfits and dark, mysterious beats. A lady of quality I would love to get to know. Take her with you, she’ll easily turn heads but will be hard to let go.

Ernest Black

Mood: The person that is the highlight at work. Somehow their presence encourages everything that I do. If you want to do something, don’t let busy stand in the way. Everyone is busy, but you make time.


Milford Series

Mood: A bit sad and lonely being the unique you. Escaping from the urban jungle and the social system. Do your thing like there is no tomorrow. X NIHILO’s Milford is a new kind of bucket bag.


Juggler Black

Mood: Yes, life is a juggle and I like my title whatever it might be. Positive thoughts. The epitome of flexibility, ‘Juggler’ will accompany you from day to night, and can be worn cross-body by adjusting the shoulder strap.


Stella Black

Mood: Happy and bubbly. Loosen up, drink along, enjoy the city view, no agenda. This is me time. Elevate your dressing game by carrying it by the pony haired wristlet handle, or remove and use it as a cosmetic pouch.
Mood: Immersed in your own thoughts. A girl who likes to dream and dream big. Move to NYC and remember to take time out of reality and enjoy the luxury of freedom. When you are done, get back to your HUSTLE.
Mood: With the little that I have, for some reason I feel as big as a tree. Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.
Don’t stress the could haves. If it should have, it would have.
Mood: A lady, a gentlemen, my career, my kids, my dog or something that I’ve had my eyes on for awhile, I’m going to hunt for it all and Hunter will be my partner in crime.

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