STYLE HUNTER : an exclusive with Eleannore

“Every picture I had means something to me, so I cannot distinguish a favorite from them.”

We recently sat down with the dynamic, art and style hunter, Eleannore to get insight into her world of creativity. She is best known for sharing unique angles of her photos, including up-close and cut-off themes. And of course, giving us bucket loads of fashion, luxury, and style in every post. Eleannore began this style of photography about a year ago. It began when she realized the white font pictures were not her kind of style anymore. She discovered an editing application with a warmer earth tone and it completely changed her photos. She captures her pictures in portrait, giving a cleaner and more professional character. This ignited her attention to the finer details. 

“My style is minimal, nonchalant – harmonious with my mood”

When we asked what Eleannore would be doing if she wasn’t taking inspiring photos she commented: “I cannot imagine myself not doing this, sorry.” Her complete allegiance to what she does shows through her photos since they’re more art than anything else. We asked for her insight as to why Instagram has become such a popular platform for pursuing a creative portfolio. Eleannore believes that this happened because people are highly responsive to imagery. Instagram provides an easy way to create personal content that can be seen by anyone at any extremely quick rate. The creator gets more and more likes and unconsciously he/she will encourage to post more. She adds that Instagram gives you the opportunity to be creative in a mobile society like ours.

“The best piece of advice I can give is to be yourself – do not compare yourself to others.”

When scrolling through her feed you have to wonder how she found her creative calling. Eleannore explains that as a teenager she had a huge collection of magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan. She knew from her stash that she had always been enthralled by fashion and made her believe that she could do something real with her passion. Instagram was the perfect platform to communicate with people who shared the same ideas with her.

“That’s the first time I realized that I have always been enthralled by fashion”

Eleannore is inspired by art in all ways, magazines like PORTER, and applications such as Tumblr and Pinterest. A week in the shoes of Eleannore is what you’d expect from a creative blogger. It starts out with the responses from email, direct messages, and Instagram comments - since she posts every day she has to check it daily. She draws inspiration, organizes her shoots and ends it all with reading, and commenting on other people’s content. 

Instagram was made for content that Eleannore creates and we can’t wait to be inspired time and time again by her feed. That’s why she’s our Blogger Of The Month!


Bags of Love,
Jessi from the X team

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