A look at the Street Style Queen, Andy Csinger

You may not have heard of her name or recognise the face but it’s almost impossible to go on Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr and not see one of her effortlessly perfect pictures, which have been regrammed thousands of times followed with the hashtag #stylegoals.

In only three years, Slovakian fashion blogger, Andy Csinger has taken Instagram by storm becoming one of the most sought out street style grammers in the game. Taking inspiration from her European roots, Andy has brought her love for Parisian simplicity to the streets, creating incredible looks that almost every girl who has seen any of her pictures has gone, "I can do that."

White shirts, stripes, fine jewellery, black bags, chunky jumpers and denim are regular features in her current 1770 posts and for the common girl readers, you would be pleased to know that most of her pieces are at decent prices and easy to find! Most of her everyday wear items come from Uniqlo, Zara, Levis, Topshop, Cos, and Vans! 

With her attire vibing European holiday, there is no surprise Andy's cult following comes mostly from Australia and the US the two countries in which Europe is anyone's number one dream destination.

One of the reasons here at The X Room we adore Andy is because she focuses her entire Instagram to the clothes, so much so that eighty percent of her photos are cropped at the shoulders down, showcasing the details of the pieces she's wearing rather than including her face and the background.

Now tell us the last time you knew someone successful on Instagram who didn't show their face!

Of course when you have a face like Andy there is no need to hide, but even when she chooses to include her face in an image, she often dolls up with red lipstick, perfect hair and bold sunglasses to cover her features, to again bring the image back to the style, not her physical features.  


I try to mix it up. If I post too many full-body photos people get bored. If I post too many crops people are curious about the whole outfit so it's good to mix it up.

Andy Csinger for Pop Sugar 


The key purpose of this endearing factor is that by only featuring from the shoulders down allows her 361k followers to imagine themselves wearing the clothes rather than an 'insta famous' socialite!

I think me not showing my face helps my followers to imagine the outfit on themselves. Do you know what I mean? I don’t want my Instagram to be all about me. I want to be an inspiration rather than an Instagram celebrity. And it doesn’t even have to be a selfie, to have a feed with my face in every photo it would be very me-focused. And I think if I don't rely on my face, it allows my creativity to show.
                                                                             Andy Csinger for Pop Sugar


It is refreshing to know that even with her sudden popularity, all her images whether it be on Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr are created and edited by only her and sometimes help from her husband. But as much as it would be easy to assume that her career has always revolved around fashion, it's unsurprisingly the opposite. The art of content creation and blogging was never a part of Andy's official resume in fact when she was living in Slovakia, she worked as a civil engineer and even when she first arrived in Sydney, Australia she worked as a trained accountant working on tax returns and bookkeeping. 

Blogging just kind of happened for me, it wasn't anything intentional, but then I become very busy with it and had to make a choice. Finally, I get to do something I really love rather than sitting in an office from 9 to 5 p.m.                 
                                                                                  Andy Csinger for POP Sugar 


With having such great success so quickly it was only a matter of time that Andy went back to study, completing a Bachelor of Commerce. Now just recently graduating with a major in Marketing, she has been able to further enhance her content creating skills.
From what started out as a hobby for Andy has quickly grown into a fully fled fashion, lifestyle and travel hub founded on the basis of “keeping it simple”.  Her Instagram is incredibly sophisticated, ridiculously cool and her ability to mix and match the most basic pieces proves to be her winning points. She says it helps that she sticks with brands that she loves herself and would wear herself because the content looks much more natural and real. 
If you view any of her images she often features a statement bag and featured below are just some of the ways Andy has been able to style X NIHILO's top seller the Bank - Eight! We love how she can make the bag look sophisticated and corporate with one outfit or Sunday morning chic the next! 
So if you haven't followed her yet we recommend you press that follow button ASAP if you want to know how to ace your next street style look! 






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