We're having a baby!

While the only babies X NIHILO is having right now are leather bags, we understand that while bringing a tiny human into the world can be a beautiful and exciting experience, babies come with A LOT of stuff. 

There can be a lot of unfamiliarity when learning the ropes of parenthood, but X NIHILO are here to be your bag mum. Too often when looking for a new bag to pack all the essentials for your new little person, it can become overwhelming and confusing with what bag to choose. 


Teaming up with the beautiful Melbourne-based mum Eva Lasky, we have saved the bag picking for you and have chosen two of our X NIHILO bags we think are perfect for your pre and post mummy adventures. 

Familiar with the small business hussle, Eva owns Ponchick Babies + Kids - a children’s clothing label. Designed by a passionate mother who knows the true struggles of being a mum but somehow knows how to always dress and look amazing. 

 Introducing X NIHILO’s new generation Brighton tote, this never-out-of-date piece features a practical leather accent front pocket and adjustable shoulder strap. Made with supple leather and luscious canvas textile, this practical mid-sized design makes for an elegantly structured silhouette that will flawlessly blend into any wardrobe and become your irreplaceable go to. Whether it’s going to brunch with the girls or taking your little one to the zoo, you’ll be the queen of bags with the Brighton tote. 

Reminding you that you can still dress fashionably and stylish while being a mama, Eva has shown us just how amazing the Brighton tote really is. Fitting in all the essentials, here’s how Eva utilises the Brighton’s spacious design:

  1. First aid (for those boo-boos :( ) 
  2. Water bottle
  3. Hand Sanitizer
  4. Baby wipes & nappies
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Insect spray 
  7. Bubbles (to keep the little one always occupied!)
  8. Activity pack
  9. LOTS of snacks
  10. And you mustn’t forget their favourite teddy bear & blanky 

Alternatively, our signature Eight bag is the ultimate utility bag. Designed for versatility and functionality, the Eight bag is defined by its fluid lines and unrestrained structure, guaranteed to become your everyday best friend - click here to check out the entire X NIHILO range. 

Sending bags of love, Tash 

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