How to make the most of your passport holder while you're not travelling

Travelling to work and running daily errands is always an adventure, but X NIHILO men and women know the last thing you need to worry about is keeping all your things organised in one place. Designed to fit anything and everything, our new ‘Cameron’ wallet doubles as an everyday organiser and passport holder - a unisex accessory suitable for both practicality and style. 

Unzipping this beauty, you'll find up to 10 pockets and slots to fit everything you need. Featuring 4 card slots designed for all card essentials, and 4 larger slots to fit multiple passports safe and secure, the ‘Cameron’ wallet is designed to be so much more than just a passport and document holder, featured in a sky blue and navy blue leather. In addition, two sections are included for money, so you no longer have to worry about mixing your foreign currency with money from home. 
Most importantly, this chic little design allows you to even keep your smartphone safely organised with everything else - avoiding all those awful moments forgetting where you put your phone, only to find it was in your pocket.

Designed in Australia, the Cameron wallet features our beautiful smooth leather and minimalistic silhouette, allowing it to fit perfectly inside your hand for easy carry, snug inside your pocket - or even inside another one of our X NIHILO bags. Even with all these features, you can be confident your passport, boarding pass, money, etc. are never far away.

Cameron travel wallet is not only a good-looking wallet, but will keep all of your essentials safe.
  • Fits 2 passports, 4-8 cards, cash and boarding passes
  • Fits a micro pen, and space for a full size pen
  • Leather divider organizes documents and keeps cash hidden
  • Quick-access card slots in the middle, stacked storage at the back
  • Premium, environmentally certified leather (PETA approved)

Keeping it not only convenient but oh-so-fashionable, we promise you’ll love the Cameron travel wallet as much as we do! 
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