Yoky the Illustrator

Krittin Teerawittayaart (Yoky Illustration) is a Thai freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Bangkok. With the passion for art and design, he always finds inspiration from photography, music, films, and illustrations.

Since graduating from The Department of Visual Communication Design, Faculty of Decorative Arts, Yoky has been working as a freelance artist. His  clients come from from various fields such as personal commissioning, global fashion and beauty brands, magazine, book publishers, event organizers, and organizations.

Yoky's enthusiasm to create artworks in new styles and techniques, for his developments in aesthetic and artistic skills is extremely evident.

from top to bottom @chloeplumstead x Eight mini tan bag | @thegrayhaus x Earnest bag | @jodiblk x Bank black bag | Illustration by Yoky

What’s the day-to-day life of Yoky like? 

I usually wake up and drink 2 mugs of water then take a shower and have breakfast (way more like brunch), before checking my emails and start working all day long (maybe).
Time is not fixed; I like to keep my routine flexible and relaxed.

You’ve mentioned that you graduated from The Department of Visual Communication and Design. What made/inspired you to get into illustrations? 

I found I had a passion for art since I was very young, and of course, drawing and painting are the basics of studying visual design. Apart from a variety of subjects in the department, which had me find what I enjoy, doing most. Also I was interested in fashion and I really had fun drawing those models and costumes. I think this is why I got into Illustrations.

from left to right @pepamack x Milford tan bag | @michellaccc x Eight black bag | @andicsinger x Eight mini black bag  | Illustration by Yoky


In a world where illustrations are now quite prominent and competitive, how do you find your own style? 

It’s more like an instinct; I just draw and paint what I’m into in the way I like. I had seen and learned a lot of illustration styles and used them as my references so many times before, so I adapted and recreated in my own style. As Yohji Yamamoto said “Start copying what you love. Copy copy copy copy. At the end of the copy, you will find yourself.” (Another one that touches me is by Jim Jarmusch on originality.)

Is there a ‘go to routine’ when creating new pieces? OR Is there a particular routine you get into before starting a new piece? 

Finding the right playlist on Spotify, favorable music always keeps me concentrated. Then I look up some references from the Internet or books.

How would you describe your working space? 

My private room where is filled with things I love such as books, collectible items, hobbies, plants. It’s the working space I can turn up the music and dance a little when the beat is on.

What kind of environment do you prefer to work in? 

A clean, well-decorated space, with good scents and nice music. (I’m also interested in home decoration and perfumery, that’s why).

Apart from your incredibly beautiful illustrations, do you have a secret talent or hobby that you like to do in your downtime that people don’t know about? 

I love making my own skincare! It’s fun and easier than most people think. Now I’ve made almost everything I use in my routine, from cleanser, moisturizer, to sunscreen. I can tell they work pretty well.


Do you have a quote or phrase that you like to reflect on in your everyday life? 

‘Be happy.’ It sounds simple but it’s always practical. Doing what you love makes you happy. When you’re happy, you can do it well. I think that’s a fact.


We have noticed that you have picked Julie as your favourite bag from the collection, what drew you to this bag? 

It’s a cool unisex design and multifunction. It has all we need for a great work bag, as you described, functional yet stylish!
Heaps of love,
Jessica V from the X team

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