The Brand

Established in 2016, X NIHILO is the brainchild of Jenny Hsieh, an entrepreneur with a passion for refined luxury. X NIHILO - short for ex nihilo - is a Latin phrase that means “creation out of nothing”. The notion identifies X NIHILO’S aesthetics and vision to craft a sophisticated and honest range of leather bags for modern women.

Targeting women with a strong identity from a generation with the desire to express individuality, X NIHILO consciously distances itself from conspicuous branding. Blending reserved aesthetics with function & timelessness, our bags are inspired by and designed for women of individuality and substance.

Retaining a consistent and unique signature, X NIHILO evokes the idea of strength, beauty, and independence through exquisite material and astounding craftsmanship. Embracing the slow fashion movement, X NIHILO's concept of luxury is embedded in its meticulously curated material, well-considered design, and the highest level of dedication and attention to detail in construction.

Our Founder

Jenny is the Founder, Director, and Designer of X NIHILO. She made her fashion debut by winning the QDOS award presented by the Design Institute of Australia while she was studying for a Bachelor of Fashion at QUT University. Jenny then went on to earn a Master's Degree in Fashion from RMIT University.

For a number of years before launching X NIHILO, Jenny broadened her credentials with a dynamic fashion career from couture, ready to wear and leisure to accessories and footwear. As the Director of the brand, Jenny brings with her a significant professional network as well as creative expertise and insight into the fashion industry.

  Head to our interview with Jenny and be inspired by her journey.


At X NIHILO, we work closely and directly with our suppliers and makers on a daily basis with the advantages of language, cultural understanding, and close geographical location to ensure we are monitoring every process of bringing each product from development, sourcing, production, and fulfillment.

All the sourcing is conducted personally and on location by the company director; communicating, directing, and developing customised trims, hardware and leathers, filtered by the ethical, environmental and social responsibility criteria.
We are committed to always operating with integrity, credibility and accountability both internally with each other and externally with our business partners. And focus to enhance the overall customer experience by fulfilling quality expectations; enriching consumer experience with our product and services.

We make certain to enhance the quality of our products through continuous supervision & training that lead us to achieve quality objectives for our products by intensive quality control and assessments that are conducted throughout the production process:

  • sourcing assessments and testing ensuring quality aligns with company standard 
  • pre-production assessment ensuring effective use of material to reduce wastage
  • quality control of trims, hardware, and leathers before application
  • 100% quality check of every single piece at completion by the makers
  • 100% quality check of every single piece conducted by qualified personnel
  • 100% quality check of every single piece before fulfilling every order

Our Sustainability approach

We have introduced new reduced packaging,
no plastic usage and recycled paper that is also designed to improve smarter logistic solutions to reduce greenhouse emissions.
98% of Plastic reduction
54% of Paper consumption reduction
68% of Greenhouse emission reduction

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    Our Suppliers

    In addition to working closely with our suppliers to develop beautiful and quality products, we ensure the workers are well looked after in an ethical working condition with fair wages and treatment. The working conditions are exceptionally clean and well organized. Shoe socks are being worn in the buildings, and good lighting and air conditioning are provided.
    90% of the employees are female, and the suppliers corporate social responsibilities and culture are in line with the X NIHILO brand message which creates the perfect business alignment. We love our supplier because not only do they comply with these common standards, but they go above and beyond taking care of their employees. The goal is not just about being fair but investing and building the team and developing careers within the company. 
    X NIHILO joins the #WhoMadeMyBag campaign by Fashion Revolution. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the most heart-wrenching issues in the fashion industry, to be the advocate of positive change, and to celebrate the fight for a more ethical and sustainable future for the industry.

    Learn more about #whomademybag campaign - click here

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