A Chat with Kate Darvill

Who YOU are

“Kate Darvill. Senior Fashion Editor at VOGUE Australia. Wife. Mother of four.”

What YOU do 

“I style fashion shoots and covers for VOGUE. I work with photographers, hair and makeup to come up with creative concepts around a model, celebrity or fashion idea to make inspirational images for the magazine.”

Why YOU do it

“I love my job. I love the creativity that comes with my role. I love the team I work with, they are an inspiring and hardworking group of women. I enjoy working with new people and visiting new places. Every season feels new and exciting.”

How YOU started

“I have a Bachelor of Design in Fashion & Textiles. I interned in magazines whilst at University and started as a Fashion Assistant at The Australian Women's Weekly after graduation. I worked at other magazine titles, such as InStyle and Marie Claire as well as living and working in New York which was a highlight.”

Who YOU look up to

“My mother-in-law who is a wife, mother of six, grandmother of 11, has worked for years as a special needs early childhood teacher and runs half marathons in her time off, and always has a smile on her face. Superwoman.”

What YOU want to say

“Having worked for women's magazines for the past fifteen years or more, and being the mother of three young daughters, I have realised how incredibly passionate I feel about women's rights, equality for women, the chance for every woman to make her own decisions, choose her own destiny. My hope is that my daughters grow up in a world where they feel confident to make brave decisions and are supported and encouraged and that every other girl has the same opportunities.”

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