Borderless : An inside look at Olivia Elazar

I have recently been able to connect with the unstoppable Olivia Elsazar to talk about her world and how she expresses her creativity. She is known for being a first-born unicorn and by her visually inspiring content on Instagram. Her timeless tattoos of flowers and mandalas make each self-portrait instantly recognizable to all. 

Her creativity has been an ingrained passion of hers since she can remember.
She even announced to her family at the age of five, that she would be an artist one day.

She describes her creative style in her work as “borderless.” Sometimes in one piece of work, she is extravagant and then in the next piece, she switches to hyper-minimalist mode. She prides herself on being a chameleon in her styling and graphics work.


Her Instagram name is very unique and surprisingly there is no particular meaning behind it. She does, however, love queer and unusual words and combining them to form something peculiar sounding that piques curiosity.

She defiantly accomplished that with Elkantlers!


Olivia believes that Useable interface and the social aspect of Instagram is what makes it such a popular platform for pursuing a creative portfolio. She explains how literally anyone could create a portfolio and upload images to create a portfolio in minutes.

Which makes Instagram accessible for everyone. In this ripe age of smartphone technology, Instagram’s huge social factor as a platform has made it highly desirable.


If Olivia wasn’t able to do her current work, she would be running around somewhere in a creative industry, probably making something else other than pictures and digital content. She thinks maybe making food, music or art through a different media form.
But no matter what, she would be doing something creative, it is just who she is.


Olivia’s tattoos are one of her most iconic features and I couldn’t wait to ask her the stories behind them.
There isn’t a story behind it per say, but I got it done on my first solo trip when I traveled to London for work in 2015. The time, headspace, and experience I was going through during that time was the breakthrough of myself discovery and personal growth, and the peony tattoo acts as the perfect time capsule of that period that will live on my skin forever.

The best piece of advice Olivia has ever received is “do what makes you happy.” She’s learned that when you’re happy and listen to yourself, everything else falls into place. And we couldn’t agree more! Others’ creativity is a source of inspiration to her which is ironic since her creativity inspires others, especially us!



Bags of love,
Jessi from the X team

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