X NIHILO’s top 6 ways to shop

While fashion allows us to constantly change and update our wardrobes, explore new trends and test out new styles, it is now becoming common knowledge that the booming surplus of cheap clothing is causing major problems worldwide. From poor working conditions for factory workers that have led to tragedies such as the collapsed factory in Bangladesh, to an unsustainable toll being taken on the earth’s resources.

 Here are X NIHILO’s top 6 ways to shop, reduce consumption and work towards a more ethical and sustainable industry.

STEP 1 : Slow and steady wins the race

(shop slow and conscious)
Aim to consciously shop for higher quality pieces and classic designs that will last - this reduces the need to constantly replace and update old items. Being season less, X NIHILO designs are made to last, developing all year round colours and bags which are multi functional.
To shop consciously, you need to remain conscious of your shopping habits - this means sales are a no-go! Sales should only be a bonus, not a reason to buy.
Top left to right: @vanillestilettos, @its_emmademartino, @simple.blanc, @blackivory 
Bottom left to right: @lauradamore_, @mollysmyth, @ashleysyne, @pennicentt

STEP 2 : Small but mighty

(shop local businesses)
Shopping for local businesses not only supports smaller creatives, but also gives you the opportunity to appreciate slow fashion and help your local communities to thrive. Where products may be made on a smaller scale and take longer to produce, just as much love and care is put into each and every piece we produce.
Opting to shop online is also a great way to shop more consciously, finding more unique and independent designers like X NIHILO.

STEP 3 : Wear and Share

(share your wardrobe with friends and family)
Shop second-hand. You can often find the most unique pre-loved pieces at Opp shops, and the Hunter Markets is my current fav - where you can shop the hottest influencer’s wardrobe.

Share wardrobes with your friends and family. You never know what’s hiding in the back of your mum’s wardrobe, or the endless number of outfits you can create by sharing clothes with your sibling.


STEP 4 : Purchase, Wear, Repeat


In collaboration with RNTR, X NIHILO are rethinking the way we interact with our wardrobes. Offering alternative services to shop for new pieces, RNTR is a clothing rental software giving you access directly to your favourite brands. With the opportunity to try before you buy, this platform makes a substantial commitment to lower fashion waste by prolonging the life cycle of each garment - allowing you to continually refresh our outfits and making for a more circular economy.

 STEP 5 : Find brands that offer a sustainable solution for your purchase 

(resell and recycle)

 We are excited to announce our new partner @airrobe who will help us reduce our environmental impact by providing you the options to re-sell, rent or recycle with just one-click during your purchase with X NIHILO!

  This option empowers you as a customer to extend the list of your products and join the circular fashion movement. You can opt to automatically add your purchased items to your own Circular Wardrobe where you will have the product listings ready when you are ready to re-purpose, or resell after you’ve worn and loved it.

You can also utilize the AirRobe estimated re-sell value to plan for your seasonal wardrobe and work within a budget.

STEP 6 : Learn before you buy 

(do your research)

 Most importantly, do your research! Look for brands who contribute to ethical sourcing and production. X NIHILO are always consciously looking for ways to reduce our consumption. We have introduced new reduced packaging, no plastic usage and recycled paper that is also designed to improve smarter logistic solutions to reduce greenhouse emission.

 Determined to change the down-sides of the fashion industry, X NIHILO have built close and meaningful relationships with our suppliers to ensure our amazing and talented workers are taken care of, complying with the ethical standards. There is simply an overproduction of clothing, where 93 per cent of the textile waste we generate ends up in landfill. Giving textile waste an afterlife, X NIHILO are also currently working on a vegan bag made with recycled suede lining.

We all love the freedom the fashion industry has created, but we’re all guilty of falling for a sale, a pay day shopping spree or running to those boxing day sales. It’s time to pause, take a step back and focus on the future of our planet. Be mindful of how you shop and begin to shop for pieces that have more value and meaning.

 Sending a bag full of love,
Tash x

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