Wear it in good health #BOSSMUM

Every Mother’s Day we are in awe by the mothers around the world, the things they do and how unstoppable they are. We got to sit down with a Melbourne local Boss Mum, Eva Lasky who redefines what it means to be a Boss as a mother.

Eva worked in the merchandising department of a fashion house with X NIHILO Founder Jenny #friendsofxnihilo! She is also a yoga teacher where many philosophies are taught, yoga influences her by bringing the practice of mindfulness into her business. “It’s important to use mindfulness, but especially with family, social and business life. Taking time to pause and rest can make all the difference.”

Photograph by Karen Song

After becoming a mother, she still had the drive, passion, and need for business. As she was searching for affordable and stylish clothes for her baby boy Archie, she realized that what she wanted wasn’t out there. That’s when her company Ponchik was born! Her favorite outfit on Archie is the Dusk Leaves Bodysuit and Bloomers with high knee socks to match – of course!

The name Ponchik was derived from Eva’s Russian heritage where beautiful chubby bubs are affectionately called ‘Ponchik’ meaning doughnut! Of course, that was her nickname for her baby boy who inspired this company. Eva loves to make styles that are not only kid-friendly but mum-friendly too. The designs are thought out to ensure it is easy for a mother to put on, comfortable for baby and stylish for both.

Eva’s greatest lesson learned from becoming not only a mum but a #bossmum is balance is not real. There is a give and take to every decision you make, the best you can hope for is to become very good at juggling. Her key to juggling #bossmum life is to have a set time to end your workday.

The biggest difference for Eva working before mumhood versus in mumhood is the lack of time. “When you have your own business, you think about it 24 hours a day but when you have a child, you think about him 24 hours a day. Family is 24/7 but so is running your own business.” Eva is lucky to have a wonderful supportive family who gives Eva a few days off a week for a little me time. On these days, she treats herself to an ‘Eva morning’ full of yoga, breakfast with friends, and treats herself to a mani-pedi.

Photograph by Karen Song

What advice do you have for a new mother who wants to start their own business? 

“Make sure you’re passionate, truly devoted and completely committed and then DIVE IN! Dreams are for dreamers, if you want this, there is nothing stopping you but you.”

And most importantly, which X NIHILO bag best fits you #mumboss life? 

The Eight Mini Tan all day every day! When I am on the move with Archie, it is the perfect bag for functionality but also staying as stylish as my son!


Bags of love,
Jessi from the X NIHILO team



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