Through the lens of Karen Song

This week I got to sit down with Photographer, Karen Song, who has done multiple shoots for X NIHILO and constantly surprises us with her dynamic images. Karen has always been mesmerised by the art of photography and used to try and replicate the photos she loved. One day when she was shooting, a whole day had passed by without notice. That is when she realised she wanted a career in photography because she wants to spend her life doing something so fun that time flies right by.  


“I am drawn towards the language of visual imageries. There are so many things that cannot be put into words, but photos are worth a thousand silent words.”



As Karen develops her unique style of photography, she is currently known for taking photos that show a new side of the subject with her own flair. “I like capturing a model in a way they have never seen themselves before, reinventing their identity through my lense.”



Karen is always inspired by the professionals around her, but she looks up to her mentor, X NIHILO founder, Jenny the most. “As my friend and mentor, she gives me complete trust and confidence even when I am in doubt of myself. She gives me constructive advice that isn’t just useful in the moment but for a lifetime.”



Karen’s favourite work that she has done to date is the SS2019 Campaign shoot for X NIHILO. It was her very first professional studio photoshoot and was a huge challenge for her. Karen admits to having nerves before the shoot but as soon as she put that camera in her hands, calmness and confidence took over. She felt this release after the shoot ended, almost like she had been reborn as a photographer.

"Thank you Jenny for taking the risk with me on this wonderful opportunity."



“The most amazing thing about working as a photographer is that you’re constantly surrounded by a team of creatives. Never know what to expect and the unexpected always surprises me.”




Bags of Love,
Jessi from the X team

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